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 .: Wars & Friendly Scrimmage Data:.

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.: Wars & Friendly Scrimmage Data:. Empty
PostSubject: .: Wars & Friendly Scrimmage Data:.   .: Wars & Friendly Scrimmage Data:. EmptyFri Jul 25, 2008 7:21 pm

Here are the information about wars/scrimmages has had. The dates go by oldest to newest to the bottom.

Total Victories: 1 Total Losses: 1

Blue: Winner
Red: Loser

vs F5
Official War
Game: MP:H
Line up -F5 Line up
EJT vs. Alex
Legend vs. NDS
Blaze vs. Chaos
Future vs. Dark_Dolo
Imp vs. SEK
Seraph vs. PlaidGhost
Riku vs. Photon
Score: 4-3 F5
Winner: F5

vs TEC
Game: MP:H
Line up - TEC Line up
Seraph vs. Tank
Future vs. Stone
Punkx vs. Packers
Kentoko vs. Weavelg0d
EJT vs. Ragnarok
Titan vs. Bonsai Tiger
Creed vs. Ingsmasha
Score: 4-1
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.: Wars & Friendly Scrimmage Data:.
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