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 Fire's all around

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PostSubject: Fire's all around   Fire's all around EmptySat Nov 22, 2008 11:22 pm

All games were Sylux vs Sylux

7-0 me Council chamber

Not much to say really, you relied on Imp too much, it would have been 7-(-1) if your imp didn't weaken me and then you finished me off with one mag. Practice map control and basically your non imp aim.

7-2 me Sub

Same here with Imp, at the start it brought me down to 9 hp then you finished off with a volt..=/ After that I killed you 4 times while staying under 40 hp and then you managed to kill me xD Work on map control and your volt aim. Your mag was mehish. Work on map control

6-3/6-4 to me Elder passage

Ok this game you decided to play like a fucking fag -.- You camped in one room for most of the game, coiled a lot and lagged like a bitch. Even after the game, you voice chatted and your message came out slowmo and kept cutting out. Your mag aim was pretty decent, your coiling was gay, didn't see the jud =/ Your running was gay because the lag kept you alive...And the fact that you wouldn't spawn until the timer thing came up was also gay but that changed once I took the lead <.< Work on map control here.

Overall work on map control, not running and camping and not coiling a lot. Don't rely on the Imp too much either, it's better if you don't use it in an all around test. It's a fail for now as the first and second games you didn't impress me and in the third, only your mag did. Everything else pissed me off...Try again in 2 days. Just practice a lot of non imp games.

Fire's all around Lolwutcopy
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PostSubject: Re: Fire's all around   Fire's all around EmptySat Nov 22, 2008 11:26 pm

Sorry for playing like a fag... and Ok i`ll take ur advice Smile
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Fire's all around
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