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 Fire's no imp results

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Fire's no imp results Empty
PostSubject: Fire's no imp results   Fire's no imp results EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 3:11 am

First game
sylux vs sylux
5-4 my win
Pretty good magmaul considering there was lag in the game
Too bad u dont have a strategy, i could predict every single move u did.
Try a new jump pattern, it was too easy.

second game
pro core
my noxus vs his samus
7-0 my win
I thought u rly had practice in this place when u got all the health...
but as we played i noticed how u didnt know when the yellow orb would appear, lettin me control the health.
Next time try to get health before fightin, specially if the opponent is using noxus.

third game
compression chamber
7-1 my win
spire vs sylux(his)
The lag was excssesive(no i dont remember how to spell it) here.
BUT i managed to get 7 kills on u because u couldnt control the health, in fact u didnt even try to.
The jud was impressive and the PB was raping...too bad i always had an hp orb near of me.

MY veredict: Fail
Try again soon

srry, ur aim is good and u dont run but that wont get u wins if u dont control the map.
Practice on controlling the maps.
If u control the maps u can beat even more skilled players, I can tell since i have beaten some players that are better than me just by controlling the map.
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Fire's no imp results
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