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 MDGS's Non-Imp Results

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MDGS's Non-Imp Results Empty
PostSubject: MDGS's Non-Imp Results   MDGS's Non-Imp Results EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 3:00 am

Both games played under Default settings

First Game::Low Tier::Processor Core
Spire vs Kanden
Score: 6-6
Summary: Nice, precise Mag. Your mag was okay at the beginning of the match but improved throughout the game. Move around the map next, there are lots of places to go. =)
Good game.

Second Game::High Tier::Combat Hall
Samus vs Sylux
Score: 3-1 [Me]
Summary: Again, great Mag. Use your LJ traps in ways that you would get an opponent trapped in them or just lower their health. And as for your SC, I noticed you try to use it but put it away right away; use it.

You can re-take the test in a couple of days, good luck.
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MDGS's Non-Imp Results
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