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 mdgs all rounded test

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mdgs all rounded test Empty
PostSubject: mdgs all rounded test   mdgs all rounded test EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 2:50 am

first round
lvl Councle
score 4-1 my way
me samus him sylux
ok ere it wasent lagin realy at all so i got 2 see your non imp witch wasent that good but ya mag was good when u ar under presser u tend 2 miss alot

second round
lvl councle
score 3-2
me samus him sylux
ok ere u had me runin abit and your vd changed and whent realy good u must of bin rusty with it be4

final round
lvl councle
score 3-0
kan vs kan
woo u hav a pritty kool kanden ya volt whent a lot lot better then be4 but u dident control the hp very well so dats somthin u need 2 work on

end verdic pass
i think if there was less lag u would hav done evan better but meh u passed u now hav 2 or 3 recs i havent read ya non imp test yet afro
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mdgs all rounded test
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