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 Future's Final Test Results

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Future's Final Test Results Empty
PostSubject: Future's Final Test Results   Future's Final Test Results EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 12:44 am

All games played under default settings.

First Game::Non-Imp::Combat Hall
Low Tier
Kanden vs Kanden
5-3 [Me]
Summary: Future you started off really well, managed to get two kills within a minute bit started to lose your grove as soon as I got my first kill. Cool Your missles are really precise, felt like homing missles were hitting me. Great Powerbeam as well. I've noticed your Volt is much better with Sylux; because you don't use low tier. xp Good game.

Second Game::Non-Imp::Processor Core
High Tier
Samus vs Sylux
Score: 1-7 [Future]
Summary: Incredible aim dude. =D You would just stay there in the middle of the arena shooting Jud's everywhere and they would bounce right at me. O_o.. You kept your cool, didn't get nervous and just had control over me. Good job.

Third Game::Imp::Alinos Perch
Trace vs Trace
Score:: 7-4 [Me]
Summary: Ah, fun match. =D Just like old times. Like always, you've always been better at ground imping and I've been better at air imping. Good imp but you can do better. =] Good game.

GROUP: Troopers
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Future's Final Test Results
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