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 Spam is done.

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Spam is done. Empty
PostSubject: Spam is done.   Spam is done. EmptySat Aug 23, 2008 2:31 am

There has been multiple sights of spamming around the forums. Well guess what? No more. Done for good.
If you bother to make a post that is not on topic, it will be deleted. Do NOT bother to even post random stuff just to raise your post count because if you do, your post count will lower. If you see that someone posted spam on a forum, Do NOT reply saying he has spammed because guess what, Your spamming saying the poster has spammed which is not on topic. So don't bother. Their post will be deleted by a Admin or a Mod when they catch their eyes on it. So if you need the feel to spam take it to the Spam pit, that's why it's there for. If your a Mod and your spamming, You will have a possibility of losing your powers. You may be warned if you are caught spamming and receive a PM from a Admin. Try to keep all post on topic and keep the the forums active!

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Spam is done.
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