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 -How to fix your DS Lite-

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-How to fix your DS Lite- Empty
PostSubject: -How to fix your DS Lite-   -How to fix your DS Lite- EmptyFri Jul 25, 2008 11:04 pm

How To Fix Your Ds Lite
Created by: Kentoko (Me)


Infomation needed to find where's what:
Hold "Ctrl" and "F" at the same time to locate what you are looking for. Example: "HHHH" would be in parenthesis.

1. Intro - Description (NNNN)
2. Nintendo DS Lite (HHHH)
3. Broken/Chipped off Hinges (WWWW)
4. Not Responded Touch Screen (OOOO)
5. L and R Buttons do not Respond (EEEE)
6. Credits (0000)


Intro - Description

First off, this guide is about "How To Fix Your DS Lite". Now, I know everyone has problems with the DS Lite, but here it is, a guide for on how to fix it! I have problems with my DS Lite and I 'tend to fix with basic tools around my house.

Nintendo DS Lite
The Nintendo DS Lite is by far one of the greatest hand held console created by Nintendo. It provides great entertainment and fun; there is a down side to it.
The DS Lite's downside is that it's defense is bad.

Broken/Chipped off Hinges

The DS Lites' Hinge is very sensitive/breakable due to excessively opening the DS. [Over the Months]. Now really, there's various ways on how to fix it - I'll tell you how.

When you see your DS lites' Hinge, you must immediately find a solution on how to repair it.

"Stuff" needed to fix your Hinge:
-Super Glue
-Q- Tips
-Cloth (Small piece of Paper Towel)

-First GENTLY pour the Super Glue on the Q- Tip.
-Next you apply your Q- Tip near/around the Hinges' DS Lite and leave a little smudge.
-Finally, you grab a small paper towel and clean up the left overs.

*NOTE* Please leave your DS Lite and let it dry for ONE DAY! Also, please follow these easy instructions, if not, that's your problem.

Not Responded Touch Screen

Your Touch Screen is very important to the DS Lite. It provides a unique and fun way to play. The Touch Screen really doesn't give a problem to people, sometimes it doesn't respond due to excessively using the Touch Screen in a dis-manner way.

"Stuff" needed to fix your "Not Responded Touch Screen":

-Dry Cloth(A Rag of Cloth)

- First off, use your rag and clean your touch screen smoothly and gently, please do not use it rough or it will damage it more.
- Secondly, use the buttons (DO NOT USE YOUR TOUCH SCREEN YET!) and find the calibration screen on your DS to calibrate.
- Finally, let your DS rest in some cool area (e.x. near an open window) and make sure your DS Lite is open, so the breeze may pass by it. NOTE: Let your DS stay near the window for only about 20 min.
- Also, let your DS Lite rest for a day and it'll sure be ready in use.

L and R Buttons Do Not Respond

The most NOT RESPONDED part on your DS Lite - THE L AND R BUTTONS!
Your L and R buttons just really break/don't respond easily. I'm sure you all know the Volt Driver does that to you (MP:H lol). Just follow these instructions and it WILL be fixed in no time!

"Stuff" needed on how to fix those L and R buttons!:

-Paper Towels
-Q- Tips

-First off, you need WD-40. You know what that is? I will tell you and it will HELP YOU!
WD-40 is canned filled with specialized oil that un-rusted certain types of plastics, metals and more. Here are some pictures of it:


-Secondly, you need that Q- Tip, to clean out the left over oils.

-Lastly, you will have to dry it off with a cloth. [Paper Towel]


***All typed by Kentoko (me)***
***Will Edit More, If I Must***

Thank you for your cooperation.

I will now play MP:H. kthxbai

~Made by Kentoko~
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-How to fix your DS Lite-
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