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 Coomandos Non-Imp

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PostSubject: Coomandos Non-Imp   Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:36 pm

Even though i'm not in uF anymore, there was litterally no testers on the chat for a while so I non imp tested him.

Sylux(me) vs Samus (him)


3-2 me

Mehish mag, homing missiles where used at some times but they were at the right times. You ran a bit when you could have killed me and I would have expected you to atleast have won or 7-0'd me as you were Samus xD

Samus vs Samus


5-0 me

Lmfao work on everything here even the fact that you ran too much. You took off about 80hp throughout the whole game as all you would do is run in Alt for the whole game. That's why I said boring match xP

Spire(me) vs Kanden(him)


7-0 me

Work on your aim, escaping the spawn and not hiding so much, really you aren't gonna get kills that way and you need a lot of practice here.

End verdict: Fail

Eric hope you don't mind me testing? As most of you are busy.

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Coomandos Non-Imp
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