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 Fires non-imp

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PostSubject: Fires non-imp   Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:53 pm

7-0 me sanct sy vs sy
Work on map control, escaping spawn. PB was very accurate at one point, rest of the game it sucked. Volt was mehish/

7-0 me core sy vs sy
You were down 5-0 here at exactly 53 seconds of the match gone rofl. Work on map control and escaping spawn. 7-0'd in 1:23 ;D

7-(-1) me Sub Weavel vs Weavel
Work on escaping spawn, map control, not killing yourself and lower tier.

Map control, spawn escape needs worked on badly. Work on killing people, weapon combos etc. Mind games work too.


Tryout in 2 weeks, you need a lot of training..

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Fires non-imp
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